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Auburn Smoke Shop owner and business manager both wanted by police: Warrants for selling untaxed cigarettes issued

The Auburn Police Department has issued warrants for two people connected to the smoke shop in the city after thousands of illegal items were seized in a February raid.

The Auburn Smoke Shop, located at 67 Franklin Street, yielded more than 18,000 illegal products, such as untaxed cigarettes, marijuana, and flavored vaping products.

The smoke shop opened in April 2021.

The shop has been a long-standing issue for the city’s Nuisance Committee, with an armed robbery occurring there- along with other criminal activity over the last two years.

According to the Auburn PD, felony warrants have been issued for business owner Mohamed Algamal and property manager Sakarya Alharbi. The warrants are for evading cigarette tax law, which is a Class E felony.

Law enforcement leaders in Auburn tell The Citizen that there have been fewer calls for service in the immediate area since the raid was completed.