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What is the safest way to ship a package overseas? Top 4 tips

International package shipping can be scary. There are so many regulations to check and comply with. And quite a lot of risks involved since your parcel will travel a long way till its destination. You might even start to wonder if it is safe to ship a package overseas.

Well, it is! If you follow some key steps. So here are the top 4 tips that will help to ensure a safe package delivery whether you’re shipping to Ukraine, France, or any other country in the world. 

1. Find a dependable international shipping company

The safest way to send a parcel internationally is to hand it over to a reliable carrier. Then, you can rest assured that your package will be handled with care and delivered to its recipient without any troubles.

The hardest part, though, is to select a shipping company that is trustworthy. It’s not enough to consult a shipping rates calculator to see how much shipping a parcel through one or another carrier might cost to you. This can help you to find a company with the most affordable shipping rates, but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.

It’s very important to study what is included in the offered price and what other benefits you can get either for free or for an additional fee. So be sure to look for the most satisfactory service package for you. And don’t forget to verify the credibility of a shipping company by browsing through client reviews and checking their social media. 

2. Use sturdy external packaging of a proper size

The next step to sending a parcel overseas safely is preparing your package responsibly. Even the most reliable carrier will find it difficult to securely deliver a poorly packed parcel through a long distance that needs to be covered when shipping to Poland from the USA or to Europe in general.

A good packing practice starts by selecting the right container. It should be durable enough to hold your item and adjusted to the correct size. If you pack your goods into a package that’s too large, you’ll have too much empty space. And it’ll increase the risk of your items tumbling inside.

That’s why shipping boxes aren’t always the best option for sending light and small goods. In such a case, a padded envelope might be a better alternative. And if you’re using a box, make sure that it is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of being lifted and put down many times.

3. Add plenty of suitable padding materials

When shipping internationally, you need to pay attention to both external and internal packaging. It’ll be safe to send your parcel overseas if you cushion the insides with appropriate materials. Selecting the right type of padding is especially important when dealing with fragile and delicate items, including glassware and gadgets such as phones, or drones.

Note that internal packaging materials can fulfill several functions. They involve cushioning, void fill, and protection. Some types of materials cover all of them, others only a few. For instance, bubble wrap is perfect for all three functions, whereas packing peanuts are ideal for filling the void, but are not as great for protection.

Keep this in mind when packing items for international shipping and combine several types of padding to get the best results.

4. Get an appropriate package insurance plan and tracking

Sending packages overseas will be safer if you insure them. While parcel insurance can’t guarantee a smooth delivery, it can cover loss in case of an accident. The key is to select an insurance plan that fits your item the best.

Some shipping companies offer a set amount of insurance already included for free. It’s a huge benefit! But when shipping items of high value it’s a good idea to get extra insurance. So be sure to check what plans are available and look appealing to you.

The last thing to keep in mind is package tracking. You’ll feel safe shipping any parcel internationally when you can track its whereabouts and take action if anything happens.

If you apply these 4 tips, you’ll be sure to send any package abroad safely and smoothly.

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