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Paid summer internship offered by The Finger Lakes Trust and Finger Lakes Museum

The Finger Lakes Land Trust (FLLT) and the Finger Lakes Museum (FLM) today announced they are jointly offering a full-time summer outreach and public engagement internship based at the Finger Lakes Museum in Branchport, NY. The internship period will be ten weeks with a proposed start date of June 1 through August 15.

The position will be shared equally between the two organizations. For the FLLT, the internship will focus on outreach to landowners and other key stakeholders in the town of Jerusalem, Yates County. For the FLM, the position will focus on assisting the Program Director with the museum’s paddling program. The intern will be compensated at the rate of $15 per hour for a 40-hour week that will run from Tuesday through Saturday.

Visit for the full job description and instructions on how to apply.

By working cooperatively with landowners and local communities, the Finger Lakes Land Trust has protected over 28,000 acres of the region’s undeveloped lakeshore, rugged gorges, rolling forest, and scenic farmland. The FLLT owns and manages a network of over 45 nature preserves that are open to the public and holds perpetual conservation easements on 170 properties that remain in private ownership.

The FLLT focuses on protecting critical habitat for fish and wildlife, conserving lands that are important for water quality, connecting existing conservation lands, keeping prime farmland in agriculture, and providing public access to trails. The organization also provides programs to educate local governments, landowners, and residents about conservation and the region’s unique natural resources.

Information on the region’s premier destinations for outdoor recreation may be found at, a resource created by the FLLT to encourage people to get outdoors. Additional information about the Finger Lakes Land Trust may be found at

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The Finger Lakes Museum (FLM) is picturesquely situated on 29 acres of land on the north end of the west fork of Keuka Lake in Branchport, NY. With 16 acres of preserved wetlands and 13 acres of open space for programming, the Museum is poised to continue sharing its mission of inspiring appreciation and celebrating the cultures and ecology of the Finger Lakes region.

With a 40-foot boardwalk that sits within the lush ecology of the wetlands and a reclaimed barn located in the field on the main campus that hosts events and programs, the FLM welcomes visitors all seasons of the year. Working in partnership with local and regional organizations, the FLM offers various educational programs to all ages in a variety of formats—workshops, paddling lessons and programs, lectures, and hands-on experiences. Additional information about the FLM may be found at