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Livingston County promotes Sunshine Week

Livingston County is reiterating its commitment to open government during Sunshine Week, an annual nationwide celebration of access to public information, taking place this year from March 13-19, 2022.

During Sunshine Week, the County also celebrates Freedom of Information Day on March 16, the birthday of President James Madison, a Founding Father and proponent of open access to information as part of the country’s political process. In living up to these ideals, Livingston County consistently makes available through its website information regarding budgeting, meeting agendas and minutes, contact information for both elected and administration officials, public records, contract information, and more, said Ian M. Coyle, Livingston County Administrator.

“An informed electorate is necessary for good government in a democracy,” said Coyle. “I’m proud to say that we’ve used technology to bring our government directly to the people with live streamed Board of Supervisor meetings available to anyone with a device capable of internet access. We also offer what, to our knowledge, is the only county government monthly town-hall forum in New York, ‘Conversations with the County’ to promote access and information exchange. Livingston County government is dedicated to openness and transparency, not just during Sunshine Week, but 365 days a year.”

To view Livingston County Board of Supervisors meeting minutes, County budgets, file a Freedom of Information Law request, and more, please visit here.