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Food Stamps: 607,000 Americans to lose emergency food stamps

One state that has provided its residents with emergency food stamps worth up to $693 per month is ending them.

grocery store aisles with food stamp eligible foods

Indiana residents can expect to no longer see extra benefits in May.

This is happening because the state is ending its public health emergency brought on by the pandemic in 2020.

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The history of emergency food stamps

The government began allowing emergency food stamps to be sent out in March of 2020.

This let household already on benefits get the maximum amount they could based on people living in the home.

The emergency allotment may only go out to states that are stull in a public health emergency.

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The raise was passed by Congress and allowed families to see 15% more.

The original expiration date for this was Sept. 30, 2021.

The deadline was extended and will continue until states or the government decide to end it.

An increase in benefits still happening

Despite the extra food stamps ending, those receiving benefits can expect to keep the increase that went into effect in Oct. of 2021.

The bump gave families around $.40 more per meal per person.

The average household went from seeing $456.56 to $532.07.

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