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Social Security & SSI: What will remarrying do to my benefits?

Getting married can have a lot of financial implications on your life, and one of the things that can be impacted are your Social Security benefits.

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Before deciding to get married, it’s important to know what will change with your finances.

There are things to consider, like Social Security, survivor’s benefits, and SSI.

Remarrying won’t change your Social Security benefits.

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The benefits are figured out based on yours and your spouse’s own earnings.

Your survivor and SSI can change though.

Social Security survivor’s benefits

If your spouse has died and you decide to remarry, it’s worth looking into how that may change your survivor’s benefits.

When your spouse dies, you as a widower can collect benefits when you turn 60.

If disabled, you can collect them at the age of 50.

If you care for a child who is under the age of 16 or disabled, you can collect them at any age.

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If you’re divorced from your deceased spouse but were married for ten or more years, you can collect benefits.

Remarrying before age 60 will make it so you lose benefits.

If you remarry after age 60 but are already collecting the benefits you will not lose them.

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SSI benefits

Your SSI payments are determined based on income and resources.

If you remarry, the payments may change due to your spouse’s income and assets.

If you both get SSI, the rate will change from single payments to couples payments.

The rate you get as a couple is determined based on combined income.

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