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Wendy’s: popular deal boosts breakfast sales

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Wendy’s is majorly benefitting from this breakfast deal.

When it comes to take-out who doesn’t love a good deal?

This Wendy’s breakfast deal has gotten a lot of attention.

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Wendy’s breakfast: All you need to know

Wendy’s breakfast deal

The chain has recently become the second largest burger chain in the U.S..

Surpassing their competition which was Burger King.

Wendy’s didn’t get that spot for nothing.

The quality of their food and the amount of deals they have definitely helped.

Today were going to talk about their breakfast deal.

The deal pertains to the chains breakfast biscuits.

Which offers Wendy’s breakfast biscuits for $1.00 a piece.

This deal was very well received by customers.

It increased the store sales by 6%.

And raised annual sales by 25%.

Wendy’s aims to continue building it breakfast sales it has recently added a new breakfast sandwich.

The Hot Honey Biscuit which seemed to also go over very well with customers.

With the company continuing the grow and try different marketing skills you should expect to be seeing more of their breakfast.

They might even become you’re new favorite breakfast spot.

If you would like to try their breakfast you can use this link to find the nearest store to you.

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