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Can I Use Kratom and Wellbutrin?

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According to the World Health Organization, approximately 5.0 percent of adults suffer from depression which means about 280 million people suffer from depression globally. For the most part, depression can have a negative impact on an individual’s quality of life and make it harder to carry out daily chores.

General aches and pains, poor spirits, and lack of energy are some of the more frequent physical symptoms. Even though depression is incurable, it can be effectively treated. Its consequences vary from person to person, as they do with other mental health issues. As a result, the treatment can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each patient.


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Medical professionals based on the intensity and pattern of depression episodes over time may prescribe psychological therapies such as behavioral activation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and interpersonal psychotherapy, as well as antidepressant medications like Wellbutrin.

Is it possible to treat depression with drugs alone? Apparently, combining Kratom and Wellbutrin with extreme caution is safe and effective for treating depression. In this article, we examine how kratom works for depression, the relationship between kratom and Wellbutrin, and if it is safe to take the combination of the two medications.

What is Wellbutrin?

Also known as Bupropion, Wellbutrin is an antidepressant that works by altering brain chemicals that nerves rely on to communicate with one another. Neurotransmitters are the molecular names for these chemical messengers. In the minds of many scientists, depression stems from an imbalance in the levels of neurotransmitters released in the brain. Neurotransmitters that have been released can be recycled in a process known as reuptake.

When bupropion is taken, serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine reuptake are inhibited, resulting in more of these neurotransmitters being available to communicate with other nerves.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can be treated with bupropion, which is used to treat serious depression, which mostly occurs during winter. For this reason, it’s also prescribed.

Because bupropion has a strong effect on dopamine, it is distinct from other antidepressants in that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, sometimes known as SSRIs, don’t have this effect. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Wellbutrin in December 1985.

Kratom and Wellbutrin

Bupropion’s metabolism may be disrupted if you use kratom, and the result could be dangerous adverse effects. The risk grows exponentially with the frequency with which you combine these substances.

The CYP2D6 enzyme is inhibited by both kratom and bupropion, with kratom inhibiting CYP3A4 to a lesser extent.

Wellbutrin and its metabolites and kratom can rise in the bloodstream as a result of this impact. Toxicities and overdoses may occur as a result of the chemicals building up within the body in dangerously high quantities.

An increasing number of antidepressants are used daily, increasing the risk of a buildup in the bloodstream. Taking bupropion and alcohol together raises the chance of side effects.

Is It Safe to Combine Kratom and Wellbutrin?

Low doses of kratom can improve alertness, concentration, and energy. When taken with other drugs or alcohol, Kratom can produce narcotic effects similar to morphine.

It is dangerous to take kratom and bupropion together in large amounts since they compete for the same enzymes in the body’s metabolism.

Bupropion is known to cause seizures. Even if the danger is extremely low, it is not nonexistent. Wellbutrin may enhance the risk of this severe adverse effect if taken with kratom. The combination of kratom and bupropion may not be a smart choice, given this information.

When in doubt, discuss the combo with your doctor before combining these medications. When kratom and bupropion are taken together, they may recommend that you take the bupropion at a lower dosage and take the kratom at a different time of day.

A combination of the two products might cause severe drowsiness, which can lead to respiratory depression. For the most part, people who have tried this combination report that the most severe adverse effects occur when the products are taken in extremely high doses. You should avoid pairing kratom and Wellbutrin if you encounter any negative effects, even in low doses.

Doctors may urge you to lower your kratom dosage or separate kratom and Wellbutrin dosages by at least two hours before trying kratom antidepressants.

People who wish to try Kratom should start out with minimal doses and work their way up. It is also important to be cautious and follow your doctor’s instructions while using Wellbutrin.

Kratom Strains That You Can Use Instead Of Wellbutrin

For those who are too fatigued, lazy, or incapable of putting in the effort to get anything done, such as their job, a white vein kratom is a good solution. A natural product such as White Borneo kratom, for example, can reduce depressive symptoms while also improving energy and mood.

Depression is often accompanied by suicidal thoughts and a lack of motivation to engage with others, which is why white kratom can be so beneficial for those suffering from these symptoms. Kratom helps you socialize, go for a stroll and complete your tasks or work without becoming tired or bored of it all at the same time when you take it.

Sedative and soothing qualities are well known for Red Bali and Red Vein Indo Kratom. Users can still focus and concentrate without being distracted, but they get a sense of well-being and relaxation from these products.

Those suffering from depression and symptoms such as a lack of attention, heightened arousal, and an inability to relax or quiet down should try the red kratom strain, according to experts in the field. For people who have a lot of energy but are also depressed, red kratom is the finest option. The kratom variant calms a hyperactive person’s nerves and promotes relaxation.

How Much Wellbutrin Should I Take?

Prescriptions are required for bupropion. There is a range of ailments for which it can be utilized, and the dosage can vary based on the therapy goal and the individual. The mode of intake and the various types of bupropion available can also complicate things.

Bupropion should only be taken under the guidance of a physician if you have any of the aforementioned conditions. Do not use the medication in excess of the recommended dosage or for an extended period.

The stimulant-like effects of bupropion, which are comparable to those of cocaine, can be induced by ingesting an excessive quantity or by injecting or snorting the product.

How Much Kratom To Take With Wellbutrin

Kratom and Wellbutrin dose information is scarce to nonexistent. You can’t foretell how your biology and medical circumstances will develop over time. This means that extra variables such as your weight, age, and method of administration must be taken into account.

Small doses of Kratom, such as between 1 and 2 grams, have been shown to increase energy and attention in consumers. Mild to chronic pain can be relieved more quickly and emotionally uplifted with a dose of between 3 and 4 grams.

Users who take more than 5 grams have observed sedation and an increased likelihood of severe side effects.

After starting with a dose of 5 mg, a patient should expect to gradually raise their Wellbutrin dosage to 10, 20, and 40 mg over the course of several weeks. The maximum daily dose is 60 mg, so keep that in mind.

There are several exceptions to this rule, such as when a doctor or psychotherapist prescribes the medication and given at the same time each day. This treatment can take anywhere from four to five weeks to have its full effect.

When taking Wellbutrin and kratom at the same time, start with the lowest possible dosage. After taking 2 grams of high-quality kratom and 5 milligrams of Wellbutrin, wait to see how your body responds.

Make sure to take the blend at least twice a week to avoid becoming dependent on it. Avoid combining Wellbutrin with kratom if you become ill or notice any other side effects, as the two substances might interact in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a safe and effective way to use Kratom in combination with Wellbutrin?

To see how your body reacts to the combination of kratom and Wellbutrin, start with a tiny dose of either. Maintain at least twice-weekly consumption to avoid becoming dependent on the mixture. If the combination makes you ill, take each product separately.

Is it safe to use kratom and Wellbutrin at the same time?

Yes! You can combine Kratom and Wellbutrin together. However, attention must be taken when ingesting this mixture. Make an appointment with your doctor before beginning a regimen that includes both kratom and Wellbutrin. Your doctor can tell you how much to take and what to expect from it.

How do kratom and Wellbutrin interact?

An energy boost, pain-relieving benefits, sedation, and pleasure can all be yours with the correct dosage of this combination. All symptoms of depression can be alleviated by using the goods. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that this combination is safe.

When taking kratom and Wellbutrin together, what are the possible side effects?

In some cases, large doses of the blend might cause nausea, headaches, vomiting, and constipation for some people.

In Conclusion

As a pharmaceutical antidepressant, Bupropion is considered the safest option on the market. Antidepressants of the first or second generation, such as SNRI or tricyclic drugs, carry a higher risk. Additionally, Kratom is considered a safe substance when used correctly.

If you mix these substances on rare occasions, you are unlikely to be in immediate danger as a result. However, as we have seen, these substances compete with one another for the body’s ability to efficiently metabolize each other.

As a result, combining kratom and bupropion on a regular basis could lead to increased toxicity and side effects, notably seizures. Before mixing kratom and Wellbutrin, consult your doctor first to help you determine the right decision.

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