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Body Kneads Wellness Spa in Phelps delivers unique experience

Growing, expanding, and making bodies healthier in the heart of Phelps.

Body Kneads is a wellness spa on Main Street. It features a variety of services ranging from massage therapy, waxing, facials, ion cleansing, sauna sessions, and chiropractic adjustments. There are also a number of local products for sale. It is located at 116 Main Street, Phelps since April of 2021.

Body Kneads store front in Phelps
Body Kneads storefront in Phelps. Photo Credit: Abbi Aruck,

Although the location may be new, Amanda Walters, the owner of the spa isn’t new to the industry.

She became a licensed massage therapist in 2003. For years she rented space and marketed her business as “massage therapy with Amanda Walters.” In 2018 Body Kneads began taking shape. She opened a smaller storefront in Phelps with just two rooms.

Relocating Body Kneads meant an opportunity to expand what was offered.

Speaking of opportunity- when Walters saw the space, she quickly took advantage. The new building alone allowed for five rooms. It also allowed her to grow the team working at Body Kneads.

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Walters founded Body Kneads and is a massage therapist. She is also a wax specialist. Caitlin Damoth is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician. Dr. Shannon Passalaqua is the chiropractor at Body Kneads. Kaylie Bator and Andrew Schneider are also licensed massage therapists that work at the spa. Body Kneads also has a certified health and life coach, her name is Tracy Altman.

All of the services offered at Body Kneads work well together. Walters describes it as ‘very symbiotic’. “Massage is great for increasing blood circulation, lengthening muscles, helping with your ability to handle physical and mental stress better,” she explained.

The infrared sauna is also beneficial. There are three different types of infrared rays, each that targets a different problem. When you get in the sauna, you get to choose the color of the lights. Each color comes with its own benefits, or you can have them cycle. The typical sauna detox session lasts about 30-45 minutes, but after just 15 I was feeling more relaxed and refreshed.

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The ionic foot bath works similarly to the infrared sauna. It uses electrodes and ions to neutralize the body’s pH. It is intended to extract metals from the body.

Tracy Altman, the health and life coach at Body Kneads is great for helping individuals achieve goals. One of her specialties is building accountability.

The services offered at Body Kneads can really benefit most. The spa is handicap accessible and all of the tables are hydraulic. Each treatment is customized to fit the individual.

Walters has been using “give your body what it kneads” as her motto almost as long as she has been licensed. The idea behind it is simple: You only get one body, so you need to treat it right.  “You’re either going to pay money in prevention, or treatment, right? And I think prevention could be a little bit more enjoyable,” she added.

Body Kneads has a warm, welcoming, and professional atmosphere. Click here to get a closer look at the services and book an appointment.

Sauna at Body Kneads

Bed at Body Kneads