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RECALL: 330,000 Ford cars recalled for rear camera issue

There have been two incidents that have caused Ford to issue a recall on over 300,000 of their cars, and many want to know if they’re impacted.

ford logo, which recently had to recall their Mustang models

A total of 330,784 Mustangs are being recalled.

The model being recalled are for the years between 2015 and 2017.

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Recall information on Ford Mustangs

The reason for the recall is that the rear camera wiring may come loose or become damaged.

This poses a danger to distorting the drivers view when using the camera.

Two minor crashes that did not cause injury pushed Ford to issue letters for these models.

Two letters are being sent to anyone owning the make and models being impacted.

The first letter going out on March 7 will inform the owners, and the second one will go out to inform them of the solution to the issue.

If you think you may be impacted, you can bring your car to a Ford shop to have it looked at and repaired for free.

Contact Ford with any questions at 1-866-436-7332.

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Other issues Ford has dealt with

While the issue with Mustangs is concerning, it is not the only issue that Ford has dealt with.

27 people were killed over issues with airbags, forcing Ford to recall 3 million vehicles last month.

The impact was seen in 6 models that were made between 2006 and 2012.

$610 million was spent on the recall, according to The Sun.

Puma models were also recalled in 2020 over airbag issues.

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