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Food stamps: Expiration and cancelling of SNAP explained

Millions of Americans benefit from food stamps, or SNAP benefits each month. But what happens if they expire or you want to cancel them?

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If you do not use your month of food stamps, they do carry over into the next month and are still available.

State governments handle running the program for its residents.

The SNAP program runs through USDA funding.

This means whatever rules are in place may be specific to the state you reside in.

It’s best to contact your local SNAP office directly with any questions.

How does rollover of benefits work?

Expiration of food stamps

Some people like to save their food stamps to build up a surplus, and that requires rolling them over from month to month.

This means they won’t expire if you do not use them right away.

EBT cards are used for food stamps. Debit cards are similar to EBT cards.

Your benefits may roll from month to month, but they do expire if they remain unused for 9 months.

Major changes for SNAP benefits

Some states make it as long as one year.

There is no recovery for lost benefits.

The SNAP agency will contact you if they make any changes to your account, including removing the benefits after expiration.

Reporting income changes that may change food stamps

You are legally required to notify your SNAP office if eligibility requirements change.

You normally have ten days to notify the department.

If you knowingly fail to report, you could lose your benefits, be banned from ever getting them again, and face prison time for fraud.

Food stamps & P-EBT: Eligibility requirements

How to cancel your own food stamp benefits

You may cancel your benefits for any reason you want.

You may need to provide a reason for data.

Check with your state and its EBT portal on how to cancel benefits online.

Some states require you to call or fill out a form.

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