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IRS: Expats and everything to know about taxes

There are millions of Americans who received help from the IRS last year in the form of stimulus aid.

IRS tax refund money expats may be entitled to in 2022

Expats are expected to file taxes with the IRS, but normally do not owe money.

There may be cases this year where expats can expect a refund.

All tax returns need to be filed by April 18, 2022.

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What refunds can expats get this year?

While filing taxes is required, many do not need to pay and can claim the Foreign Tax Credit or Foreign Earned Income Exclusion credit, according to The Sun.

There are four different refunds they may be getting back this year.

The first is the third round of stimulus payments that went out in 2021.

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It is not too late to claim it by using the recovery rebate credit when filing a tax return.

Another credit expats can claim is the child tax credit.

U.S. expats outside the country are entitled to the same child tax credits as Americans at home.

Expats have a limit of $1,400 per child.

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The notices will stop but you still need to pay your taxes

When might expats owe taxes to the IRS?

If you’re an expat and received the advanced child tax credits you may owe them back.

This will happen if you received the payments based on a lower income in 2019 or 2020.

If your income went up in 2021 and you were no longer eligible, you will have to pay that back.

If you’re an expat and receive both income in the U.S. and abroad you may owe money.

You can use the FEIE to avoid taxes on your abroad income.

You may exclude up to $108,700 in foreign income, not U.S. income.

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