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IRS: The notices will stop but you still need to pay

Millions of returns are being processed still, and now in order to get through the backlog, the IRS temporarily ended sending some notices.

tax return paperwork you file to the IRS to avoid notices and penalties

Letters from the IRS can seem scary to some people.

Even if the letters are temporarily suspended, that doesn’t mean you can’t end up with penalties or fees.

On Dec. 4 the IRS still had 6.7 million returns in need of processing from 2020.

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This isn’t including the amended returns still in need of processing.

COVID-19 created major issues for the IRS ranging from low staff to a low budget.

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Notices being suspended by the IRS

This information was first reported by The Sun.

  • CP80: Unfiled Tax Return
  • CP59 and CP759: Unfiled Tax Return(s) — 1st Notice
  • CP516 and CP616: Unfiled Tax Returns — 2nd Notice
  • CP518 and CP618: Final Notice — Return Delinquency
  • CP501: Balance Due — 1st Notice
  • CP503: Balance Due — 2nd Notice
  • CP504: Final Balance Due Notice — 3rd Notice, Intent to Levy
  • 2802C: Withholding Compliance letter
  • CP259 and CP959: Return Delinquency
  • CP518 and CP618: Final Notice — Return Delinquency

Even if you do not end up with notices, you will still face interest and penalties for not paying or filing your taxes.

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Penalties given by the IRS for failing to pay or file

The deadline for filing is April 18, 2022.

Failing to file will result in a 5%-25% failure to file penalty.

Filing over 60 days late results in a $435 fine or your entire owed taxes, whichever is less.

You have three years to file your taxes if you have a refund.

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