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Benefits payments and Presidents Day’s impact

Presidents Day is tomorrow, Monday Feb. 21, and many people are wondering what that means for day to day business. This includes benefit payments.

presidents day sign with an American flag representing the possibility of benefit payment dates changing

Most banks and post offices will remain closed for the federal holiday because they’re federal institutions.

Restaurants and grocery stores will still remain open for the most part.

Included in the federal office closure for the holiday are Social Security offices.

Presidents Day: Will my bank be open during the holiday?

How will Presidents Day impact Social Security benefits

Sometimes holidays will impact when you’re getting your Social Security checks.

If you collect SSI, it’s normally given on the first of each month.

Due to Jan. 1 being a federal holiday, it is given the business day prior to that.

This means SSI recipients get two checks in Dec. and none in Jan.

Presidents Day is on a Monday and Feb. 21, so it isn’t going to impact any of the payment programs run by Social Security.

Social Security payments go out on the second, third, and fourth Wednesday of each month.

SSDI payments follow that same schedule.

SSI recipients already saw their check for Feb. on the first of the month.

Food stamp benefits and Presidents Day

Dates vary for food stamps because each program is state run.

Most states send out food stamps within the first ten days of the month, so many people aren’t going to be impacted by the holiday.

States like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, or Indiana spread their schedules out, so some may see their food stamps later in the month.

The best thing to do is check with your local SNAP office to see when you can expect your payment.

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