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Presidents Day: Will my bank be open during the holiday?

Presidents Day is a federally recognized holiday, so many Americans are rushing to get things done.

chalkboard with "Presidents Day" written across it next to an American Flag

Many are asking which services, including banking, are available to them during the holiday, if any at all.

Monday, Feb. 21 is Presidents Day this year.

The holiday celebrates all the Presidents that have been in office as well as George Washington’s birthday.

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What services and offices are closed on Presidents Day?

The Post Office is closed during the holiday and there will be no mail delivered.

Amazon Delivery will be operating and FedEx and UPS are delivering specific hours.

Most banks will be closed during the holiday but you can still use ATMs.

Schools and colleges will be closed, but for college it’s best to check the website.

Libraries will be open but double check operating hours.

The stock market will be closed, and all state, federal, and government offices will remain closed until Tuesday.

What’s open during Presidents Day?

Stores like Walmart, Costco, Apple, and all regular retail or grocery stores will remain open.

Restaurants should remain open as well.

It’s best to check before shopping or going out to eat if they’re closing early in honor of the holiday.

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