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Social Security: Benefits are paid one month behind

Social Security payments are made for the month before, with rules making is so the beneficiary lives for the entire month before when benefits are paid.

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The SSA pays the payment a month behind schedule, similar to how workers are paid for hours they already worked.

This means Social Security recipients will see their January payment in the month of February.

If someone dies during a month, that month’s payment must be paid back.

A person needs to live for the entire month that benefits are paid in order to keep them.

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Paying back Social Security if a beneficiary dies

If an individual passed away on April 1, then the family would be able to keep April’s payment because it was technically for March.

If an individual passes away on April 30, then the family would have to pay back benefits for May because the beneficiary died during the month they were to be paid for.

The SSA needs to be notified of the death immediately by directly contacting the agency.

It may not be done online.

You need to provide the SSA with the individuals SSN.

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Contacting the Social Security Administration in the event of a death

Offices are closed except for necessary appointments only.

Many services are now available online that were not before.

Offices should be reopened by March 30, 2022.

The easiest way to contact the SSA directly is by calling them, contacting your local office, or contacting them online.

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