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COVID booster shot: New York drops mandate for healthcare workers

No COVID-19 booster shot requirement for healthcare workers in New York.

That was the message from state health leaders on Friday, as the weekend approached, and calls for a rollback of booster shot policies grew louder.

The Department of Health said that data noting 75% of the workforce has either been boosted, or is willing to get boosted dictated the move. They added that 88% of those involved with direct care have, or would be willing to receive a COVID booster shot.

The state says it will keep working with hospitals and healthcare facilities to expand booster shot access.

In three months the measures will be reconsidered.

“Finally, the state has responded to our concerns about the serious impact of this additional mandate on health care workers and our community hospitals and nursing homes. I am pleased that the booster mandate has been lifted,” Sen. Pam Helming (R-54) said in a statement after the decision. “We must also ensure it is not reconsidered at a later date. I will continue to fight to end state mandates, including the mask mandate in schools and child care centers.”