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Robots are at the 2022 Winter Olympics to limit the spread of COVID-19

Robots have emerged at the 2022 Winter Olympics to reduce human contact.

robots at 2022 Winter Olympics take over some jobs that are done by humans to reduce spread of COVID-19

These robots have taken over jobs typically done by humans.

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What do the robots do?

They are referred to as anti-epidemic robots. The robots stand at the entrance of each competition area. Then, they scan the QR codes of people entering.

QR code scanning is a quick process, but it provides a lot of information. Health records, vaccination status, and travel records are all found on each person’s code that is on their phone.

The health information that can be scanned is extensive. Olympic participants get PCR COVID-19 tests daily.

Robots are also being used to clean the venues. Atomization disinfection robots can sterilize 377 square feet per minute. Beijing is also using ultraviolet disinfection robots.

There are also robots that are automated to take temperature. They approach people to take their temperature and the report the situation to the staff if the reading is abnormal.

The person with the abnormal reading will shortly be re-tested using a mercury thermometer. If their temperature still reads high, they will be taken to a separate area for health screening and consultation. Everyone at the games is tested daily and the scannable results are available on My 2022, which is an app required for all visitors.

Athletes also have their health statistics measured while they are sleeping. The beds they sleep on are smart beds. They have sensors that collect data like heartrate and breathing.

Robots play a big role at the 2022 Winter Olympics. They also collect garbage and dispense hand sanitizer in addition to the more complex jobs.

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