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Retirement: 401k contribution limits explained

The IRS will limit what you can contribute into a 401k retirement plan to help evade tax avoidance among Americans.

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Luckily, that limit has increased for 2022.

Millions of Americans benefit from private 401k retirement plans through their employers.

This means both the employee and employer can contribute to the employees account and the invested funds aren’t subject to taxes.

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What can I put into my retirement account if it’s a 401k?

In 2022 the IRS made the limit contributed $20,500 per year.

This is up $1,000 since 2021.

There are also Roth IRA accounts where taxes can be paid before the funds are deposited.

Taxes are applied to money in a 401k when it’s withdrawn.

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How many Americans have a retirement plan?

61% of workers have a contribution plan, according to AS.

In 2011 that number was only 54%.

Private sector workers with retirement accounts are around 65%.

Government workers are more likely to have a pension.

Not everyone has access to plans like this.

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With low income earners, only 42% of the lowest 25% are offered any sort of retirement plan through their employer.

The rate for the highest earning 25% is 88%.

Retirement plans are vital because Social Security is often the only source of income for retirees.

Social Security is not designed to be a replacement for income.

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