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Does COVID-19 lead to long-term heart problems?

New studies suggest that COVID-19 patients are at risk for heart problems for a year after infection.

increased risk for heart problems 1 year after COVID-19 infection

A COVID-19 infection could put you at risk for a variety of heart problems.

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What kind of problems does COVID lead to?

One study found that survivors of COVID-19 are at a higher  risk for heart rhythm irregularities and blood clots. These were identified in patients in the year after they had COVID.

The rates of people with heart problems was found by reviewing rates of 153,760 COVID-19 patients. The most common problems and rates were:

  • Heart failure- 72%
  • Heart attack- 63%
  • Stroke- 52%

The risk is everywhere. Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly, a clinical epidemiologist at Washington University in St. Louis commented:

“It was a bit of a moment for us when we realized it was evident in all of these subgroups, including younger adults, older adults, Black people, white people, people with obesity and those without”

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