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Upstate Fiber now offering service in a portion of Newark, Seneca Falls, and Waterloo

In the spring of 2021, Upstate Fiber Networks, an Ontario and Trumansburg Telephone Company announced plans to construct approximately 75 miles of FTTP infrastructure to serve 11,000 locations in Seneca Falls, Waterloo, and Geneva.

Construction in a portion of Newark as well as Seneca Falls and Waterloo is complete, and Gigabit service is available to 5,800 homes and businesses. Construction in Geneva to serve 5,200 homes and businesses is underway and is anticipated to be completed later this spring.

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“We’re so excited to bring better, faster Internet access to more homes and businesses. Our Gigabit Fiber delivers the best and fastest speeds available and it provides the same upload and download speeds, setting it apart from other technologies,” commented Paul Griswold, President of OTTC & Upstate Fiber Networks. “With so many folks using video conferencing for school and work, upload speeds are more critical than ever.”

Director of Marketing and Community Engagement Ashley Gustafson is very pleased with the response in Seneca Falls and Waterloo. “Waterloo and Seneca Falls are certainly keeping our install team busy, and we can’t wait to start doing installs for the people in Geneva,” she added.

Both Gustafson and Griswold said the company employs a bit of a crowdsourcing model to determine future build areas. They encourage residents to check availability click here, and even if they are not in an existing service area, to complete the submission form. Should community interest indicate, OTTC could consider expanding its build plans in the future.

Upstate Fiber Networks appeared in the Studios as guests on FLX Weekly in May of 2021: