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Grocery shopping: More price raises

This company is raising its grocery item prices.

Grocery store shelves

In recent articles we have talked about price increases at the grocery store.

This will be another one.

Kraft Heinz is now going to be raising their prices.

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Grocery item price increase

We’ve see prices go up in certain areas of the store.

Such as produce or the snack aisle.

With Kraft Heinz being the next company to increase prices.

This will not just show in one area of products.

Multiple products through out the whole store will be affected.

The grocery company has said that some pantry staple will be raised from 6.6% to 30%.

These are some of the items you should look out for

  • Oscar Mayer meats
  • Velveeta
  • Maxwell House java
  • Kool-Aid
  • Capri Sun

In order to try to help its customers save money while grocery shopping.

The company is creating bigger size packaging for certain products.

This wont make you’re next grocery trip cheaper.

It will just help you save a little on some of the products that they are increasing prices on.

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