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Candidate for NYS Assembly responds to new farm overtime rules

Scott Comegys, candidate for New York State Assembly District 130, has responded to the New York State Farm Laborers Wage Board decision on Friday, January 28 to phase in a new overtime threshold for farm workers.
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His statement released on February 4 reads as follows:
“I recognize Upstate NY farmers’ concerns regarding shifting the overtime threshold for farm workers from 60 hours to 40 hours over the next 10 years. I’ve spoken with farmers myself about the hardships they feel this will create. I hear the frustration and anger at having to change how they plan for labor and how it may affect costs and their ability to remain competitive. I sympathize. I’ve heard the incumbent state legislators for Assembly district 130 and Senate district 54 express outrage over updating this labor law, but wouldn’t farmers be better served if, instead of complaining that many of their constituents will have equal rights and protections under the law, our representatives found a way to help farmers transition to this new model by writing or sponsoring bills for direct aid to farmers to help with costs of labor? That is one of the things that legislators should do. That is what I would do. Recognizing a need to treat all labor in our state and nation fairly and supporting farmers are not mutually exclusive goals. The people representing us in Albany should have that in mind and work to serve both causes.”