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NYS tries to get ahead of forest ranger retirements

The number of forest ranges in the state could increase, said New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) commissioner on Tuesday, February 1. Still, union representatives and lawmakers are warning of retirements as the state tries to get ahead of this wave.

The number of environmental conservation officers could fall this year as well, according to Albany Times-Union.

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos was grilled about personnel plans by lawmakers in an environmental conservation hearing on Tuesday. He told the lawmakers he had sufficient staff for all of the department’s responsibilities. Governor Kathy Hochul’s budget plan released in January adds more than 90 personnel to the DEC.

This could very well include more forest rangers as a class of 40- the largest ever- is set to graduate from the academy this spring. Arthur Perryman, forest ranger director of Region5 and Police Benevolent Association (PBA) representative, said 22 rangers will be eligible for retirement by the time the recruits finish school.