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Rochester and Monroe County: Did you know this about your tax bills?

Property and school taxes were due on January 31. In Rochester and Monroe County, you can pay tax bills in four installments- but does Monroe County add interest where the city doesn’t?

The City of Rochester mails out tax bills in July, with the installment deadlines as follows: July 31, September 30, January 31, and March 31. Taxpayers that meet those deadlines will not be charged interest, according to WHEC.

In Monroe County, it’s a different story. If residents don’t pay property and school taxes by February 10, they’re hit with 1.5% interest per month, or 18% per year.

The difference between the city and county has to do with the Monroe County Tax Act, which lays out the county’s interest rule in section 14.

So yes, Monroe County charges interest on tax installment payments, but the City of Rochester does not.