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COVID-19:How long do Omicron antibodies last in the Moderna booster?

The Moderna booster shot contains Omicron antibodies, but only for a limited time.

gloved hands measuring COVID-19 vaccine

Moderna COVID-19 booster shot created omicron-fighting antibodies that lasted for six months, according to a study from Duke University.

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How long is my Moderna booster good for?

A new study from Duke University found information on Moderna’s COVID-19 booster. The Omicron fighting antibodies in the booster begin to decrease after six months. Read about it here.

The first four weeks after getting the booster led to the antibodies that fight Omicron to increase 20-fold. Six months later, the antibody levels dropped sixfold.

Despite the decrease, the antibodies still remained effective in stopping severe symptoms and hospitalization.

The antibody levels dropped faster for Omicron than they did for the original COVID-19 virus.

Since the research hit the news, Moderna has since joined Pfizer in trails for an Omicron-specific COVID-19 vaccine.

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