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FUE Hair Transplant Turkey : Dr. Ziya Yavuz

FUE hair transplantation is the most used hair transplantation technique globally, which provides the most effective and advanced results. At Dr Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic, we frequently apply this technique, which has a vital capacity in hair transplantation in the world, to our patients.

We have achieved incredible results for more than 50,000 individuals who started a new life after FUE hair transplantation and strengthened their self-confidence in this process, so more than 99% of patients prefer us.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

Specialists perform the FUE hair transplantation technique by loosening and collecting the grafts one by one with the help of special motors and transplanting them one by one to the hair transplantation area. It can be expanded as Follicular Unit Extraction.

What is FUE Hair Transplant Technique?

FUE hair transplantation technique is performed using special micro-tipped FUE motors. In this way, the need to make an incision for hair transplantation is eliminated. In the basic procedure, grafts collected with FUE motors are placed into the channels opened using steel-tipped blades with FUE motors. However, it is not possible to talk about a single FUE technique today. While applying the basic FUE procedure, some techniques receive additional assistance from different advanced medical devices. FUE techniques can be listed as follows:

  • Classic FUE Technique
  • Robotic FUE
  • DHI Technique
  • Sapphire FUE

Which technique will be suitable for you is determined after extensive examinations. In the technical determination, many different aspects, such as the patient’s preference, needs, and expectations from the hair transplant application, doctors take into consideration.

In Which Situations Is FUE Hair Transplantation Preferred?

There is no limitation on the situations in which FUE hair transplantation can be preferred. For patients who meet the treatment conditions, doctors can perform treatment regardless of the thinning or absence of hair. In this context, the cases where the FUE method is preferable are:

  • Loss of hair is due to genetic reasons
  • Hair loss due to skin diseases
  • Hair loss due to hormonal problems
  • Congenital sparse hair or hair loss problem
  • Hair loss due to different treatments
  • Hair loss due to trichotillomania (hair pulling disease)

FUE Hair Transplant technique: Fast and Reliable Results

Hair transplantation techniques create new hair transplantation methods together with technology. With the developments in technology, the FUE technique today constitutes an average of 65-70% in hair transplantation techniques. The FUE hair transplantation technique is one of the rare hair transplantation techniques that anyone can do for every person without any problem, regardless of the gender of the patient.

Dr. Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic applies the FUE technique in hair transplantation for patients to achieve perfectionist results.

Why Dr. Yavuz Cares About FUE Technique?

Our hair transplant specialists, serving internationally, have detailed experience in the FUE technique and the branches of the FUE technique. Dr. Yavuz team is among the rare hair transplant surgeons in the world who perform studies by reaching hair follicles under 0.8mm.

Thanks to the quality of experience of our experts, the grafts used in hair transplantation are transplanted with the highest performance and precision.

Who can not be applied FUE Hair Transplantation?

People who cannot undergo FUE hair transplantation are:

  • Hair transplantation cannot be performed on people younger than 20 years old.
  • To apply hair transplant treatment to people who have a disease such as diabetes or blood pressure, their diseases must be settled in a certain order. Hair transplantation treatment cannot be applied to these people without the approval of the doctor.
  • It is not a suitable treatment method for people with blood-borne diseases.
  • To perform FUE hair transplantation, the person must have a sufficient number of grafts. When it comes to the donor area, it does not have to be the nape. In this way, if specialist locates enough grafts in different parts of the body, they can perform the transplantation from these regions as well.
  • For the FUE hair transplant procedure, the patient’s general health status should be suitable for the hair transplant application.

Although there are general limitations in terms of people who cannot perform the FUE hair transplant technique, we can say that specialist doctors make the final decision after the examinations to be made. For this reason, the patient needs to undergo a comprehensive examination in a specialist clinic after deciding on hair transplantation.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed?

FUE hair transplantation application varies according to which FUE type you need. Hair transplantation operations that specialist perform with the classical FUE method are:

  • Experts are applying local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain and pain during hair transplantation.
  • After waiting for 5 to 10 minutes for the local anesthesia to be effective, the first stage of the treatment, the graft collection stage, starts. At this point, experts choose the nape region as the donor region. However, if there is not enough graft in the neck, other regions such as the chest and beard, which experts determine as the secondary donor region, can also be used. They carry out graft collection with special-tipped FUE motors without interruption.
  • Experts open channels in the hair transplantation area so that they can plant the grafts. Doctors consider many aspects, such as the exit angle of the hair, the depth, and the thickness of the grafts during the channel opening phase.
  • Finally, doctors place grafts one by one with FUE motors in the channels that they open, and that is how they complete the transplantation process.
  • After FUE hair transplant treatment, the patient can be discharged on the same day.

How long is the FUE Hair Transplantation Process?

To make a clear determination of the duration of FUE hair transplantation, operation planning must be done. The issues that may cause a change in the application period of FUE hair transplantation are:

  • The width of the area doctors transplant
  • Number of grafts doctors plan to use in the treatment
  • Number of sessions determined for FUE hair transplant application
  • Experience of the specialist who will perform the treatment

In the treatment of FUE hair transplantation, the graft removal phase may take between 2 and 4 hours; this depends on the number of grafts doctors use. Accordingly, doctors predict that the treatment will take approximately 6-7 hours.

What should be done before FUE Hair Transplantation?

Your doctor explains in detail what you can do before FUE hair transplant treatment after the treatment planning. The most basic information about what you should do in preparation for treatment is:

To reduce the risk of complications and allow the healing process to pass comfortably, smoking should be stopped two weeks before the treatment.

  • Stopping alcohol consumption two days before the treatment will reduce the risk of bleeding and speed up the healing process.
  • On the day of hair transplantation, you should wear comfortable clothes and clean your hair.
  • You should avoid applying cosmetics to the area where hair transplantation will be performed on the day of treatment.
  • Doctors recommend taking a break from heavy exercises one week before the treatment. There are no restrictions for light exercises.
  • At the FUE hair transplant treatment planning stage, you should provide your doctor with accurate information about your general health status, medical history, and medications you regularly use.

What Should Be Considered After FUE Hair Transplantation?

Things to consider after FUE hair transplantation are important for successful hair transplantation results and for avoiding any problems in the healing process. For this reason, doctors give comprehensive information to you after the operation. In general, the points you should consider after FUE hair transplantation are:

  • In order not to cause damage to the operation area during the healing process, it is necessary to protect the area from impacts and bumps.
  • A few days after the FUE hair transplant operation, you should perform the first wash in the clinical setting. For this reason, you should take care that the area does not come into contact with water for the first three days.
  • To reduce the risk of irritation due to friction, you should avoid contact with your pillow and clothes with the application area for the first few weeks after the application.
  • After FUE treatment, you should avoid alcohol consumption so that you do not damage your hair follicles are.
  • After hair transplantation, you should avoid smoking to reduce the risk of infection and prevent the recovery period from slowing down.
  • If a doctor prescribes you medication after the hair transplant treatment, you should continue to use it regularly.
  • If the operation area itches after the FUE hair transplant treatment, you should contact your doctor as directly scratching the area may irritate.
  • During the healing process, you should avoid contact with the area with direct sunlight.
  • Doctors recommend waiting three weeks after the operation to start heavy exercises.
  • They also recommend avoiding swimming in the pool and sea for the first few weeks as it increases the risk of infection.

What are the Benefits of the FUE Hair Transplant Method?

The advantages of the FUE hair transplant method have made the technique very popular in recent years. Benefits for using the FUE technique in hair transplantation to the patient are:

  • Special tipped FUE motors used in the FUE hair transplantation technique shorten the procedure time.
  • FUE motors loosen the grafts in the donor area and collect them one by one. The fact that FUE motors perform graft collection without incision reduces the risk of bleeding.
  • The fact that the FUE hair transplant technique does not require surgical procedures shortens the recovery period.
  • A doctor can transplant up to 4500 grafts in a single session in the FUE hair transplant method. This advantage of the technique shortens the treatment time and helps to reach the desired density.
  • There is no loss of sensation after the FUE operation.
  • The most crucial advantage of not making an incision during the FUE hair transplant technique is that there is no scar in the operation area.
  • A single session is sufficient for treatment in 85% of patients who use the FUE hair transplant technique. The fact that the recovery time after the operation is shorter than other methods ensures that a doctor carries out the second application in a short time in cases that require a second session.
  • Doctors use the FUE hair transplantation technique not only for hair but also for eyebrow and beard transplantation.
  • The fact that doctors approve of using various parts of the body as the donor area in the FUE hair transplantation technique allows patients who do not have enough grafts in the nape region to perform hair transplantation treatment.

What are the costs of the FUE procedure?

FUE hair transplant prices vary according to the preferred method. Fue Hair Transplantation prices are determined by the number of grafts to be used. While deciding the prices, they are calculated according to the hair structure and characteristics of the people. In addition, the offers we give to our patients are not binding and can be provided free of charge at any time.

At Dr. Yavuz Clinic, the packages in our hair transplant turkey techniques include many services. We provide many essential services such as transportation to Turkey, accommodation in 4* or 5* luxury hotels, transportation, and transportation.

If you can reach all detailed information about our prices and services through online consultation or visit our clinic, we will help you plan with full price performance (without creating an additional cost).

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