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Subvariants & Omicron: what you need to know

Omicron keeps evolving. Two additional subvariants have been identified.

COVID-19 virus- Omicron is evolving, new subvariants

Omicron and its subvariants have been nicknamed ‘stealth Omicron.’

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‘Stealth Omicron’ and what the subvariants mean

Scientists are now voicing concerns about the evolution of COVID-19, particularly Omicron. The World Health Organization has stated that the new variant, BA.2, has 32 mutations in common with BA.1. BA.1 is the original Omicron variant. Read more about it here.

BA.3, another subvariant of Omicron has recently been identified.

Denmark, the United Kingdom, Singapore and India have all seen cases associated with BA.2 and BA.3.

Initial research shows no differences in hospitalizations for BA.2 compared to BA.1. However, a government-funded infectious disease research center in Denmark expects that vaccines will also have an effect against BA.2.

Researcher, Tom Peacock, at Imperial College London suspects that BA.2 and BA.3  will not cause another wave.

Peacock said that although the subvariants are not a “major cause of concern,” they should still be monitored.

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