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F.L.X. Fry Bird donates meals to staff at Geneva General

F.L.X. Fry Bird, a restaurant in downtown Geneva, found themselves with 63 extra meals on Saturday, January 15, which they decided to put to good use by donating them to the staff at Geneva General Hospital (GGH).

Maddie D’Amico, People Operations Manager of FLX Hospitality, reached out to family friend, Bianca Quartaro, charge nurse on the 3 North unit, who was thrilled to accept the offer.

With the Omicron variant sweeping through the region, GGH staff are working long and challenging shifts and meals are often skipped or snacks are grabbed on the go. Quartaro and fellow 3 North nurse, Regina Blancke, met Fry Bird manager Jared O’Dell in the hospital lobby and went to work distributing the meals to the entire GGH clinical staff.

“It was so nice because half of us didn’t even get a chance to go eat and when I brought all the food around and gave it to each floor they were so happy and so pleased and appreciative. There was enough to feed some of the night shift also, said Quartaro.

GGH thanks F.L.X. Fry Bird for their thoughtfulness, generosity, and expression of support for their local healthcare workers.