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Supervisor Trout says he won’t resign, despite calls by Waterloo board and community

Members of Waterloo Town Council are calling on Supervisor Don Trout to resign amid fallout from a Facebook meme he posted about white supremacy.

Trout took to Facebook on January 13 to post a cartoon captioned “warning signs of white supremacy,” with traits like full-time employment, auto insurance, and being literate listed.

Many in the community have expressed concern and outrage about Trout’s post, which remained public on his page for 10 days.

On January 24, Councilman Mike Pfeiffer called on Trout to resign from his position as supervisor, according to 13Wham-TV.

“We do not believe the Facebook meme reflects the viewpoint of us board members. Whatever the intention was it was a poor test,” said Pfeiffer.

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Pfeiffer requested that Trout not attend Monday’s board meeting to give community members the opportunity to speak on the matter.

“I’m saying that we as a community have the right to demand more from our leaders. We chose Mr. Trout to lead as supervisor for the whole community, not just the white people. He is breeding an environment of divisiveness and hatred. We deserve more than this,” said Waterloo resident Holly Leone.

“I am not resigning but I respect my board and the opinions they hold,” Trout told 13WHAM. “I think things have gone too far.”

The town council does not have the authority to force Trout to resign. Trout has denied the post was racist, which goes against the assessment of many communities members, and the situation remains tense in the town as next steps are unclear.