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Basic grocery items now more expensive

You’ve probably noticed on your recent trips to the grocery store that prices are getting higher.

food in basket at grocery store

Due to the pandemic, increased demand, supply shortages we are undergoing another grocery inflation.

Grocery prices increased 6.5%.

This is the largest increase we have see in over a decade.

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Here are 7 necessary grocery items that are only growing in price

Boneless Chicken

With a 13% price increase its no surprise boneless chicken made this list.

This grants the opportunity to explore into try plant-based products.


There has been a 20.7% in crease on the price of eggs this year.

This can be attributed to things like transportation, production costs and how much it will cost in retail.


While spike in coffee prices isn’t going to stop us from getting our morning caffeine fix in.

It might come to you as a surprise that coffee prices have gone up 9.8%.

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Coming in with a 15.2% and a 13% price increase beef chuck roast and ground beef both made the list.


The only fruit to make this list is oranges with prices up by 9%.

Other than the high demand for the fruit the raise in price is due to supply and labor shortages.

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With the smallest prices increase on this list milk had a 5.9% price raise.

A lot of these raises is that stores aren’t able to find employees willing to work for the offered wage.

Pork products

Pork prices had increased by 7.5%.
Bacon prices are the highest they have been in years with a 23.7% increase.

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