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Starbucks: 5 reasons the chain is struggling

Starbucks has been strongly impacted by the rise in Omicron cases.

Starbucks store

The chain phases similar problems as last year which ended up tarnishing its reputation.

This definitely is not how Starbucks wanted to start off 2022.

Starbucks and McDonald’s shorten hours due to COVID-19

Here are 5 reason Starbucks is struggling right now

Mobile orders causing major issues for everyone

Over worked Starbucks baristas found it even more difficult to keep up with the pandemic after mobile ordering started to take off.

With systems allowing multiple orders in at once leaving work stretched for time.

Also the mobile app gives endless drink customization options which elongates the process even more.

On top of being understaffed and having regular issue with the app.

The app itself has regular glitches so it does not properly show what options the store actually has to offer.

Which leads to incomplete orders.

Hours be cut due to staff shortage

Customer complaints are adding up after Starbucks locations have shut down or cut hours.

The chain recently stated that customers should expect a cut back in the stores hours.

Some stores have resorted to being open fewer days a week and/or being drive thru only.

A company can not function properly without the right number of employees.

Labor Shortage: Major restaurants cut business hours

Pushback due to new COVID-19 policy

Starbucks demands that workers be fully vaccinated.

If they chose not to be than they must take weekly COVID-19 tests.

Large amounts of ingredients missing

A shortage of ingredients has compromised Starbucks menu.

Dozens of items like hazelnut syrup, toffee nut syrup, chai tea bags and green iced tea were put on “temporary hold”.

Customers have also complained about the lack of Frappuccino mix and breakfast sandwiches.

The latest complaint is a shortage of mocha across the chain restaurants.

Workers starting to unionize

Starbucks workers started to unionize last year and are now succeeding.

This start when a Starbucks in Buffalo, New York voted to unionize in December.

A Major win for Starbucks employees.

Being their first union in the U.S..

25 Starbucks are now also in the process of unionization.

Once an employee joins the union they will be able to negotiate the following

  • Their rights pertaining to wages
  • insurance benefits
  • grievance and arbitration procedures
  • workplace polices
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