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New video of Chris Cuomo testimony reveals details of involvement in handling accusations

New video of Chris Cuomo’s testimony from the New York Attorney General’s office gives more insight into his involvement in dealing with allegations against his brother and former governor Andrew Cuomo.

In footage released on January 20, form CNN anchor Chris Cuomo admitted to participating in conversations with Andrew Cuomo’s team about the public response to allegations from accuser Lindsey Boylan, according to 13 Wham.

Chris Cuomo said his brother believed the claims of sexual harassment were part of “an entire string theory of people” out to get the then-governor.

In addition, Chris Cuomo admitted to reaching out to journalists to see if any other allegations were forthcoming, adding that he did not try to influence coverage of his brother, rather he was trying to help by advising Andrew.

Click here to access the full testimony posted by the NYS Attorney General’s office.