Parents call for removal of controversial book from Auburn High School library

A group of Auburn parents is calling on the School Board to remove a book from the high school library.

The Citizen reports the book is “All Boys Aren’t Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto,” by George M. Johnson. The book chronicles Johnson’s experiences growing up as a queer black person. There have been calls for removing the book from libraries throughout the country. Many parents argue that it’s too sexually explicit. Others, in defense of the book, say banning it would amount to censorship, and that Johnson’s experiences speak to issues many young people may be dealing with.

At the Auburn School Board meeting December 14, local resident Barb Stotler said “this is a book on homosexuality. You could open the book into various places within and it was just pornography, nothing more. My question is why are these books here? What possible educational value can be derived from these books, OK? Are we supporting our LGBTQ children or are we promoting it?” she said.

There were more complaints about the book during the public comment portion of the January 11 meeting.

The district has a policy, mandated by state law, that must be followed to remove a book from the library. The policy calls for anyone wanting a book removed to file a written complaint. Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo says he has not received any formal written complaint.

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