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Your reliable and solid commercial HVAC solution

An HVAC system created and designed for maintaining thermal comfort inside is an indispensable necessity for big facilities. Commercial HVAC is much more durable and consists of high-volume air handling systems. Its mission is to deliver cooled and heated air within a wide range of objects, such as airports, factories, etc., that require adequate, uninterrupted, and superior ventilation.

A properly designed and proficiently installed HVAC system will definitely provide the best value for your investments. Baikal Mechanical ensures the most worthwhile combination of superb quality, sustainability, and costs to match the needs of each client. The company is a trustworthy and committed to your satisfaction partner that produces top-notch and trouble-free equipment and HVAC components for smart energy saving, an impressively high level of comfort, and exceptional hassle-free operation.

Characteristics of  commercial HVAC modern devices 

One of the system types that have high demand is a split type.  Its extremely great popularity can be explained by several foremost benefits:

  • greater efficiency levels;
  • with such an option of commercial HVAC, there is no need to purchase extra separate equipment, as it performs both functions (cooling and heating);
  • it is easy to retrofit or replace;
  • it easier to customize for unique rooms layouts;
  • the single-split option is an excellent pick for smaller objects;
  • the multi-split type will make a huge difference and bring more benefits for bigger spaces;
  • central humidification and filtration allow zoning the airflow for boosted efficiency and maintaining the needed temperatures across multiple locations.

These systems offer not only increased comfort levels but the installed equipment won’t compromise the appearance of the buildings and will perfectly blend with the décor.

VRF commercial HVAC technology exists for circulating only the smallest amount of a substance used for refrigeration, as this system was created with the capability of adjusting its operation based on spaces requirements and different zone demands within one building, making it extremely efficient. Thus, it allows reaching precise control of temperature in multiple zones, meeting the standards.

The VRF is highly flexible and delivers instant response to the requirement of commercial facilities of considerable sizes. The main components of the sophisticated and highly durable system are refrigerant pipes, communication wiring, and a few units. The straightforward procedure for fitting and installing, outstanding heat recovery to minimize demands, low operating expenses, and maximized efficiency ratings are more compelling benefits.

With the VAV solution, not every room of the object will experience the same heat load, as VAV systems also allow zoning. The amount of cooling and heating will be controlled in each space individually from the main system and the same ductwork. This is an ideal match for objects with changeable ventilation loads. Superb flawless performance, improved control of humidity levels, tangible energy cost cuts, and a great return on investment are the key distinctive features of the VAV system.

Why Baikal Mechanical?

With the right system features and parameters, your HVAC system will function in the most capable manner. Contact proficient, vetted, and knowledgeable experts to inquire more about available options for your object, facility, or premise and some extra modifications and add-on characteristics, e.g. CO2 sensors or economizer, for improving performance and reaching even higher efficiency. 

Certifications and licensing, dedication to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations, exceptional customer support, fair and transparent pricing, extensive experience, a proven track record of client satisfaction make Baikal Mechanical worthy of your choice. The company takes pride in its work and is ready to ensure the tailored-made system design and smooth implementation of each project.

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