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Finger Lakes honors six outstanding nurses in Clinical Ladder program

Finger Lakes Health is proud to recognize six outstanding nurses who have exceeded expectations in achieving recognition for their professional development through the Clinical Ladder program.

The Clinical Ladder Program is a structured system that provides nursing staff career advancement while remaining in the clinical setting providing direct patient care. It recognizes professional development and differentiates levels of nursing expertise and contribution.

This year the Shared Governance Professional Development committee’s focus was the HEART Program. Candidates earned points in each category while serving our patients and community.

H– “Health.”

Recommending cost containment projects, revise nursing policies, developing patient teaching tools, and serving on various committees.

E– “Exceptional care and service.”

Achieving continuing education credits, obtaining or enrolling in a BSN/ MSN program, being an employee at FLH for various numbers of years.

A – “Act of kindness”

Nominated for or receiving a Daisy Award, participating in community service, fixing a department issue and improving customer satisfaction.

R – “Responsibility and Respect”

Being a preceptor on their unit, becoming a super user, presenting a professional organization article to coworkers.

T– “Teamwork”

Boosting morale on their units, becoming a charge nurse, actively participating in a professional nursing chapter.

The following six nurses were recognized:

Lindsey Licak, RN, a level two recipient has been a working for Finger Lakes Health for 11 years. She started her journey as a CNA at Huntington Living Center, became a tech in the ICU and currently works as an RN for Surgical Services at Geneva General Hospital. Lindsey serves as a Co-Chair on the Work-Life-Balance Council. She is also a member of the Steering Committee, and serves on the Summit of Nursing Shared Governance Council. She has created a nursing shared governance education board for Nursing Skills Day 2021. Lindsey serves as a charge nurse and nursing preceptor for upcoming nurses who are joining the endoscopy team. She is currently enrolled in a BSN program at Aspen University. Lindsey is a “Super-User” for ProVation system and Angiocatheter. She has volunteered at Surgical Services Pre-admission office. Lindsey was a Daisy Award nominee.

Jamie Farrell, RN, a level two recipient has been working for Finger Lakes Health for 10 years. She worked on 2 West and 3 North from 2011 to 2016; and since 2016 is working as a Clinical Leader at Geneva General Hospital. Jamie serves as the Chair of Quality Council and is Co-chair of Patient Experience; she also serves as a communication member of Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) and Falls Committee. She volunteered for Cubby Chase 10K, 5K race and the Jim Dooley Center Basket Extravaganza. Jamie, a member of American Nurses Association, has completed white board audits, helped to redesign new white board inserts, created a walking group and volunteered for the flu shot clinic.

Alice Radcliff, RN, a level one recipient, was a CNA from 2012 to 2016, an LPN in Long Term Care and in acute care from 2016-2019. Since 2019 she has been working in the Emergency Department in Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital. Alice is a member of the Emergency Nurses Association, a Daisy Award honoree, and she also created a pediatric prize bin for the Emergency Department. She has developed many project to boost staff morale including buying lunches and candy for holidays. She serves as a super user for angiocatheters. Alice has been assisting with scheduling and ordering in the Emergency Department. She plans to complete her bachelor’s degree in May 2022, from the University of Rochester.

Bianca Quartaro, RN, a level two recipient has been with Finger Lakes Health for 39 years. She started in the kitchen working on the tray line and then moved up to dietary supervisor. She then transition to clinical care by working  as a nursing assistant and an LPN. Bianca has been working as an RN on 3 North for the last 22 years. She serves on the Steering committee and Summit of Nursing Shared Governance. She serves as Co-Chair of the Quality Control and the Patient Experience committees. Bianca is a member of American Nurses Association. She is a charge nurse, preceptor and mentor to all nurses of 3 North. Bianca is a super user in the new angiocatheter trial, assisted in changes and updates of new policies and procedures. She was the first nurse to receive the Daisy Award at Finger Lakes Health, and has been nominated for the award two additional times. Bianca received her volunteering hours serving Thrive to Survive Middle Finger 5K and Cubby Chase 10K, 5K races. She has boosted morale with staff and has assisted in making a bedside rounding video. She is also a clinical instructor for Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES where her students have their clinical rotations at Finger Lakes Health.

Erin Kimble, RN, a level one recipient has been with Finger Lakes Health for almost two years. She works in the Surgical Services Department at Geneva General Hospital and at the Finger Lakes Surgery Center. Erin serves as the co-chair of the Professional Development committee. She volunteered at the Cubby Chase 10K, 5K race and CanAm tournament. Erin is a super user for the hotline fluid warmer, and is a strong advocate for patient satisfaction in the Surgical Services department.

Casey Brooks, RN, a level two recipient has been working for Finger Lakes Health for three years. She worked at  Brenda & Dave Rickey Foundation Emergency Department at Geneva General Hospital and recently transferred to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department. She serves as the Chair of the Professional Development Committee. Casey is a charge nurse, and a preceptor to new staff members. She is a member of Emergency Nurses Association, she conducted many cost containment projects, created a pediatric prize bin for Emergency Department. She encouraged staff members participate in many projects to boost morale. Casey volunteers at the Tyrone United Methodist Food Pantry.

“Congratulations to our clinical ladder recipients. This journey has been one of learning, professional growth, and teamwork at its best. You have exceeded all expectations and I am so very proud of all of you,” states Ardelle Bigos MSN, RN, CMSRN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Officer for Finger Lakes Health.

(Photo from L-R): The 2022 Clinical Ladder nurses: Erin Kimble, RN; Casey Brooks; Jamie Farrell, RN; Bianca Quartaro, RN; and Lindsey Licak, RN, (missing from photo Alice Radcliff, RN).

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