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DEBRIEF: Geneva loses another leader, BIA weighs in on Cayuga Nation again, bail reform data comes out, and possible economic development changes? (podcast)

This week on the podcast hosts Josh Durso and Ted Baker discuss breaking news in Ontario and Seneca counties, as well as ongoing coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. The duo also takes on new information that’s come to light in the bail reform debate, and economic development picture in New York.

– What’s next for Geneva? Adam Blowers leaving post as Assistant City Manager & Comptroller

– Why did the Bureau of Indian Affairs weigh in on the ongoing internal dispute between factions of the Cayuga Nation?

– What does the newest data tell us about the success or failure bail reform? Has it caused crime to increase?

– Does the state’s current methods of economic development work? Is it time to look away from ‘home run’ developments?


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