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Schuyler County has a new sheriff, says training and development top focuses

Schuyler County has a new sheriff.

Kevin Rumsey was sworn-in as sheriff, and Andrew Zeigler was sworn-in as undersheriff.

Sheriff Rumsey says addressing the staffing shortage is one area he’d like to focus. “We’re going to meet challenges, but I still want to believe that there are people out there that want to do law enforcement work and their hearts in the right place,” he said during his swearing-in ceremony. “Hopefully we find those people.”

He said training will be pivotal in his administration. “The whole time I was campaigning, one of my biggest things was training,” he explained. “So that’s going to be one of my first focus is to get some of that in service, upkeep type training going.”

Sheriff Rumsey also spoke about carrying on former Sheriff Yessman’s legacy leading the Schuyler County agency.