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212 Seneca County kids gets bikes for Christmas in Seneca Meadows Christmas Bike Promise

212 kids in Seneca County got bikes for Christmas in the Seneca Meadows Christmas Bike Promise. According to a company news release:

Seneca Meadows announced today that 212 children in Seneca County will receive a bicycle for Christmas. Last Saturday the families entered a drive-through contactless loop at the main entrance of the Seneca Meadows facility with all social distancing and hygiene protocols in effect per local and state guidelines. Through partnerships with Seneca County House of Concern, Seneca County Head Start, Safe Harbors, Ovid Food Pantry, Lodi Library and the Waterloo VFW eligible children and families were selected to participate.

“I have worked with the bicycle giveaway in Seneca County over the past 14 years. Since we teamed up with SMI, the program has grown bigger and stronger. We never would have made it through the pandemic without the leadership and commitment from SMI,” offered Michael Scaglione Christmas Promise volunteer team leader.

“I would like to thank Seneca Meadows Inc. for the opportunity for our club to again participate in another year of the Bike Give away in Seneca County. We as a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club are honored to be able to help for the past several years in the Bike Give away. We look forward to next year to help support the cause,” stated MJ Persing, Jr., Protectors LEMC UpState NY Chapter president.

“Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes is so grateful to be a part of the Seneca Meadows Christmas Promise Bike Giveaway this year. Because of this program we were able to get several bikes to the children of our Seneca County clients, something we never would have been able to provide on our own. When working with survivors of interpersonal violence, we are so often focused on immediate needs in a crisis that we can forget the fun stuff. But children also need joy, and play, and time outdoors in order to thrive. This program has given them just that, and we feel so blessed to be involved. Thank you for this partnership and the amazing service you are providing to Seneca County!” added Marisa Przepiora, Safe Harbors Executive Director.

“There will be many happy local kids in Seneca County this Christmas morning. We cannot make this happen without our tremendous team, vendors and local essential workforce of business partners and bike build volunteers,” announced Kyle Black, Seneca Meadows District Manager.

Several weeks earlier, the bike build operation started with gathering “Santa’s List” with the partner agencies.

Next the bike build team working with local vendor, Walmart, worked to ensure each child on the Christmas Promise list would have the right size bike and helmet.

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Volunteers including several Waterloo High School students safely gathered at Seneca Meadows to build the bikes. Once the bikes were built the Christmas Promise team organized the bikes for distribution day, which always happens the last Saturday prior to Christmas.

Supporters of the 2021 Christmas Promise bike build at Seneca Meadows were Seneca Meadows essential workforce, Michael Scaglione, Debbie Weaver, MJ Persing, Jr., The Protectors LE MC UPSTATE, Waterloo High School student volunteers, John Nabinger, Chris Scaglione, Emily Campbell, Ensol, Inc., Zoladz Construction, Vantage Equipment, DC Rauscher, Magee Transportation, Nixon Peabody, Empire Construction, Empire Truck, Dendis Sand & Gravel, Hometown Energy, Thomas Fox, Wilson Press and Waterloo Walmart.

For more information on the Seneca Meadows Christmas Promise bike build program visit