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Social Security and food stamp SNAP benefits will be available to Americans quicker

Americans struggling and in need of benefits may see them even quicker under a new executive order signed by President Joe Biden.

The order makes the IRS return calls to Americans instead of forcing them to remain on hold.

It also creates a new tool for those seeking Social Security benefits to use online to slash waiting time.

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A new portal will be created for Medicare recipients to help them save money on healthcare related costs.

Biden stated that those seeking much needed benefits should not need to wait the way they do, and that tools should be available to make the process easier.

The process of obtaining food stamps will be made easier so income and eligibility can be confirmed faster.

Biden stated there will be better technology to make processing faster, even for things like filing with the IRS or going through the line at the air port.

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There has been no date set for when these measures will begin.

American benefit programs and the holidays

The executive order was signed just ahead of the holiday schedule for sending Americans their benefits.

Social Security will not be impacted because of the holidays, but SSI will be.

SSI beneficiaries will see two Dec. payments instead of one Jan. payment this year.

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The date for SSI’s Jan. 2022 check is Dec.30, 2021.

Those collecting food stamps should check with their state to see if the holidays change the payment date at all.

Call the EBT card hotline for your state to inquire.

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