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New York’s moratorium preventing electricity, internet from being shut off due to pandemic ends this week: Thousands could lose service to nonpayment

On Tuesday New York’s moratorium on utility shut-offs will come to an end.

It’s the latest sign that despite surging COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations – public policy is moving away from pandemic-era precautions.

The end of the state’s utility moratorium will leave 1.3 million households to deal with the financial uncertainty left behind by COVID-19.

Why? Utility companies will be able to shut off service for customers who are behind on payments. The moratorium prevented them from doing so.

An existing state law prevents electricity from being shut off between Christmas and New Years Day. However, this moratorium includes other utilities – like internet, which could be shut off.

Either way, advocates say a wave of shut-offs will come in January if the moratorium is not extended.

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