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Steuben County Opioid committee delivers sharps containers to law enforcement

One of the on the job hazards for law enforcement and other first responders is dealing with hypodermic needles. Thanks to the Steuben Prevention Coalition, that hazard has been reduced.

The Steuben Prevention Coalition Opioid committee began delivering sharps collection containers to local law agencies Thursday, beginning with the county Sheriff, and villages of Canisteo and Bath.

Deliveries to other law enforcement sites in the county will occur within the month of December, which has been designated “ International Sharps Injury Prevention Awareness Month.”

Coalition Committee Coordinator Connie Terry said each agency will receive an FDAapproved, puncture proof, sharps container to help limit the potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens, like hepatitis, HIV and other diseases. “On the occasion where an officer comes in contact with a syringe, it’s important that it will be safely secured in the vehicle until it can be properly disposed of to avoid accidental injury,” Terry said. “The Opioid Committee values our partnership with local law enforcement, and we appreciate everything they do to keep Steuben County
residents safe. We want to do our part to help keep officers safe while on the job.”

According to the committee sharps should not be disposed of in the trash or flushed down the toilet. Sharps also should not be inserted into recyclables such as soda cans, milk cartons or
glass bottles that can be broken or punctured. 

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Bath Village Police Officer Dustin Johnson, Sgt. Greg Fonseca
Canisteo Village Officer Brandon Mills, Steuben Prevention Coalition Director Stacey Wing, Village Chief Kyle Amidon
Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard, county Undersheriff John McNelis