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How to earn gold in New World – Questing and trading post tips

After the release of the New World video game that you can get from Gamecamp, players from worldwide are searching for ways to farm Gold. Dozens of ways are there to obtain gold and level up faster than ever, but all aren’t easy and ask you to jump in for the completion of quests and defeating powerful bosses. Throughout New World, you have an option to Buy New World Items using in-game gold, ranging from weapons to armor. However, purchasing stuff may cost you a few bucks that could be a painful process for some players as they might put a dent in their pockets.

Therefore, if you are one of those players searching for a way how to Farm New World Gold when playing the game, but aren’t sure how to start, then you are at the right place. Firstly, you will learn how to make gold in New World.

Make Gold in New World

Dozens of methods will get unlocked as you start playing the game or reach the island of Aeternum to explore the environment. We have broken down all the methods to make it easy for all players to understand how to farm coins.

  1. Resource Gathering

The game takes you to the island of Aeternum full of resources that you must collect to craft different items. Different types of resources are there as follows:

  • Trees
  • Ores
  • Animal Skins
  • Plants
  • Fish

While some items may help you earn a fair price after selling them at Trading Post, you can also use the collected raw materials to craft items you need. Following the way as I said will help you collect gold.

  1. Crafting Items

The second method to earn gold is to start crafting items that are only possible if you have collected resources. You can get Linen using Hemp to make Fire resource by going through the crafting process. Furthermore, you are allowed to sell your crafted item to earn gold. Keep in mind that selling items with low levels may not help you earn a huge pile of gold. Therefore, keep your concentration on rafting valuable items and start trading with other players.

  1. Questing

Questing is the third method to earn gold and also the most recommended tip when it comes to farm gold. Start completing quests that you find out on your journey to get a decent amount of gold. The amount of gold depends on your level; the higher level you have, the more gold you earn.


Following the methods mentioned above may help you earn a huge pile of gold. Questing is the best suitable way when it comes to earning gold keeping yourself in a safe area.

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