Cuomo receiving monthly pension payments despite looming charges: Will they be stopped?

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo might not be in office anymore, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t cashing in on years of public service.

The former governor, who now faces an array of sexual harassment and hostile work environment allegations from when he was governor, has been collecting pension payments of approximately $4,219 per month.

There were some questions when he left office about whether he would cash in on that $51,000 annual pension, given his exit from office. However, until there’s a conviction of a serious charge, the pension will continue to flow into Cuomo’s bank account.

He may also be due a smaller pension check from the federal government, too. He served in the Department of Housing and Urban Development earlier in his career.

Cuomo’s former top aide, Melissa DeRosa also just received a check for $24,586, according to the state Comptroller’s office. She resigned after Cuomo left office. The check was for accrued vacation pay.

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