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Everything you need to know about Target and Black Friday weekend

Target has made the decision to adjust their store hours for Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend, even as people struggle to make last minute purchases for their dinners.

Target will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day to accommodate their employees and allow them to enjoy the holiday.

Last year was the first year the corporation closed in honor of the federal holiday.

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So if you start cooking Thursday morning and realize you’ve forgotten something, Target is not an option for last minute items.

Target will reopen on Black Friday, Nov. 26, for some major sales.

Target is usually open on holidays, but in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID in the beginning, it started closing.

The store will be open on Christmas Eve but will remain closed Christmas Day.

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The expectation is that the store will remain open during other holidays.

Stores closed on Thanksgiving besides Target include Walmart, Home Goods, Costco, and Petco.

Target’s decision to close for Thanksgiving came in January of 2021.

“In fact, guests loved our new approach so much that we’ve already decided to carry one change forward (and we’re telling you here first): Our Target stores will be closed all day on Thanksgiving Day 2021,” they released in a statement.

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