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Social Security Scam: Social Security Administration warns of phone scams

Scams have increased since the pandemic began, and scammers have begun utilizing technology to target people.

One demographic being targeted in older people, but many have received similar calls.

The Social Security Administration wants you to know they would never call to threaten, scare, or pressure you to complete an immediate action.

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Scam tactics include

  • Threatening to suspend your SSN, even if they have your SSN and repeat it to you
  • Warning that you could be arrested or face legal action
  • Demanding immediate payment
  • Asking for currency in the form of gift cards, prepaid debit cards, cash being mailed, or currency through the internet
  • Pressuring you for personal information
  • Requiring secrecy about the conversation
  • Threatening to seize your bank accounts
  • Promising to increase social security benefits
  • Trying to trick you by providing fake documents, false evidence, or naming a real government official

It is asked that you do not interact with these scammers and ignore their attempts to contact you.

Stay calm and do not give them any money or personal information if they make you feel pressured or afraid.

Hang up on them or just ignore the number if you do not recognize it. The same goes for texts and emails. Government employees would never threaten orc demand anything from you. They will never attempt to gain your trust over the phone.

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Report these scams. Visit the SSA Office of the Inspector General to report the scam, and do not feel embarrassed if you shared information or lost money.

Be sure to stay up to date on scams happening with the SSA.

Share what you know about scams with others to help them avoid falling victim to scams. Use the hashtag #SlamtheScam to discuss the topic.

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