Vigil held in Savona to remember Derrick Robie as killer awaits prison release: “We don’t want Eric here”

A community group held a march and vigil to remember 4-year-old Derrick Robie, who was killed by 13-year-old Eric Smith in 1993.

Since being convicted, Smith has been in prison. Nearly 28 years later, Smith was granted parole.

He was scheduled to be released on Wednesday, but due to an issue with his release plan and residency – Smith was held in prison.

Officials expect that to be resolved soon.

“What happened we don’t want it to ever happen again and we don’t want Eric here,” Gladys Palmer, resident of Savona told WENY-TV. “We are here as a community to stand together for justice for Derrick Robie and Dale and Doreen Robie the family members and for everyone. We are here to keep Derrick’s memory alive.”

She said the community has been haunted by the memory of Robie being killed.

“I don’t think he should be in Steuben County, it just brings up too much and so this is all about Derrick today and that’s what we are here for Derrick and the family,” Palmer added.

New York State Department of Corrections will have final approval on when Smith is released.

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