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Stimulus check: Families get $300 boost just it time for Thanksgiving, is yours one?

Child tax credits are still going and millions of families will be getting stimulus money worth up to $300 just before the holiday.

On Nov. 15 almost 36 million families were sent checks worth up to $300.

Those receiving checks by direct deposit should have seen the money hit their bank accounts by now.

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If it is mailed in the form of a check, it may take a bit longer.

The child tax credit was changed from $2,000 to $3,600 under the American Rescue Plan in March.

Since July families have been getting monthly payments worth up to $300 per child.

Five payments have gone out so far and one more is scheduled for Dec. 15.

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Whether the program will continue in 2022 is currently unknown.

Next year families can claim up to $1,800 per child, the second half of their child tax credit. By Dec. 15 families will have received the first half unless they opted out.

Kids under age 6 usually get checks worth $300, kids ages 6-17 get checks worth $250, and students 24 and under get a total of $500.

Families can still opt out of the program to not get the check in Dec. if they do so by Nov. 29.

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Some choose to opt out if their tax details changed and they want to avoid an overpayment.

This can be due to a child aging out or a change in income.

Families may unenroll through the Child Tax Credit Update Portal.

Families welcome the payment this month as they prepare to pay inflated prices for Thanksgiving dinner ingredients.

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