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Politics: What is the GSA and what is their role in politics?

The GSA is the U.S. General Services Administration. Their overall role is to support the transfer of power between Presidential Administrations.

The GSA began in 1963 and ever since plays a part in making sure the transition of power is peaceful and all involved parties have necessary support.

Supported parties include eligible candidates, the President-elect and Vice-President-elect, inter-agency members, and the outgoing President and Vice President.

Candidates running for presidency receive support in the form of preparation to take over duties if and when elected. They’re given office space, furniture, office and IT equipment and office supplies.

The President and Vice President elects are also prepared for assuming duties. To make this possible they’re provided with office space with furniture, office and IT equipment, office supplies, parking, fleet vehicles, mail management, paid office staff, paid expenses for experts, consultants, and communication staff, payment for travel, subsistence, printing, postal, and other expenses as necessary and appropriate. The services are only provided if there’s a change in administration.

Support is offered for inter-agency transition through the Federal Transition Coordinator to be sure there is a strategy in place for when the administration changes over

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Finally, the GSA also works to provide support to the President and Vice President that are leaving. They offer the same services and supplies as they do to the newly elected officials, and work with the National Archives and Records Administration. With NARA they provide support to former presidents in the establishment and maintenance of their libraries.

For more information, visit the GSA website here.

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