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Yellow Sunda Kratom

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Slow and mellow, yellow vein Sunda kratom is a rare kratom strain that is prized for its effects. Due to its alkaloid profile, yellow Sunda is recommended for those with a stressful lifestyle. For this reason, yellow vein Sunda is best used at the end of the day.


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Yellow Vein Sunda Kratom Origins

Named after the Sunda Island and the Sundanese people, yellow Sunda kratom thrives in this region of the Malay Peninsula. This region is owned by four countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Timor. Home to most of the best quality kratom, many have attributed the stellar strains to the growing environment that features a hot and humid equatorial climate, heavy rainfalls, and fertile soil.


As a rarer kratom strain, the manufacturing procedures are still a mystery. The complete process is only known by the local farmers. Generally, it starts with the harvesting of kratom leaves after it reaches a certain maturity. Handpicked by the local farmers, these leaves are then sent to collection centers and washed of dirt and debris. It then goes through a special drying and fermentation process that results in yellow Sunda’s alkaloid profile. Lastly, it is ground using industrial equipment and ready for the market.


Yellow Sunda Kratom Effects and Benefits

Some users of yellow Sunda have reported longer lasting effects compared to other kratom varieties. However, since this strain is still relatively new and rare, it is unknown if the longer lasting effects only occur in some or all users. Some of the benefits of yellow Sunda include:


  • Relaxation

Yellow Sunda has been found to have effects that lie between red and green Sunda. It is a slow and mellow strain that offers relaxation for the user without the sedative impacts, making it a well-loved strain by many kratom users who want to relax without falling asleep. For this reason, it is a great choice for users who experience anxiety, depression, or have a stressful lifestyle.


  • Mood Elevation

Similar to red Sunda, yellow Sunda brings feelings of optimism and joy. As it helps the user to feel happier, it also motivates the user and increases their productivity level. It is a helpful strain for users with depression as it helps them to get up and face the world.


  • Analgesia and Anti-nausea

Yellow Sunda can offer some degree of pain relief. It is suitable for users with mild to moderate pain. Users have also reported that yellow Sunda is very effective at relieving nausea making it a great strain for users who are going through chemotherapy.



Yellow Vein Sunda Dosage

There is no set dosage for yellow Sunda. The dosage depends on each person due to unique variables such as age, health status, metabolic rate, weight, and many more. This is why users are encouraged to experiment to find their optimal dose. A great way to keep track is by keeping a journal that records the dose taken and effects achieved.


Beginners start with 1 to 2 grams of yellow Sunda kratom powder. If the user has a smaller stature or has a tendency to be sensitive to medications and supplements, start with 1 gram. After taking it, users should start feeling its effects around 15 to 20 minutes. Wait for the effects to fully peak around 60 to 90 minutes. If the desired effects are not achieved, take an additional dose of 1 to 2 grams. This should be adequate. Always wait for the dose to peak before deciding an additional dose is required.


With more experience, the user can gradually increase the dose taken to find the best dose that achieves the effect they desire. A light dose ranges from 2 to 3 grams while a moderate dose is about 3 to 5 grams. Heavy doses range about 6 to 8 grams. Higher doses are not recommended as it can increase the risk of side effects.


There are kratom dosage calculators online that can help users determine their average dose. This tool requires the input of several variables such as alkaloid percentage, user age, etcetera. There is also a chart for those who decide not to input the required information.


Users are encouraged to rotate between using different strains as continuous use of one specific strain can lead to tolerance issues. When this occurs, users will need increasingly higher doses to achieve the effects they desire. This can have a negative user experience, increase the risk of side effects, and quickly become too expensive.


Yellow Sunda Side Effects

As a natural herbal supplement, yellow Sunda kratom has little risk of causing side effects especially if used accordingly. The risk increases among beginners to kratom or when larger than recommended doses are taken. Some of the potential side effects that may occur with yellow Sunda are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Dry mouth

Best Ways to Take Yellow Vein Sunda Kratom

There are many great ways to take yellow Sunda kratom. The most popular method among kratom veterans is the toss and wash method where kratom powder is “tossed” on the tongue and “washed” down with any beverage. Kratom powder is versatile, economical, and convenient. It can be added to food dishes and drinks for users who want to hide the smell and taste of yellow Sunda. There is a recent trend where it is used to make kratom shots.


Yellow Sunda kratom powder can also be used to make kratom tea. This can be done by adding hot water to the kratom powder and letting it steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain the yellow Sunda kratom tea. This tea can be consumed plain or with additional flavors such as honey and agave to improve its taste.


Kratom capsules are recommended for beginners and users who are on the move as the dosages are accurately premeasured. Highly convenient, kratom capsules can be taken easily during travel. Some users opt for the more affordable option of making their own kratom capsules by purchasing kratom powder and empty capsules.


Where to Buy Yellow Sunda Kratom

Since yellow Sunda is a rarer kratom variety, it is best to source it from a reputable kratom provider. A kratom vendor that is not reputable has a higher likelihood of selling products that are of lower quality. Purchasing from a reputable vendor guarantees the product’s authenticity and safety.


One of the best kratom vendors on the market is New Dawn Kratom (NDK). This company broke into the kratom market by offering premium quality kratom products at the lowest prices on the market. Offering a wide variety of kratom products, NDK is a great choice for users who love to experiment with different strains. Backed by hundreds of excellent customer reviews and a 30-day money back guarantee, NDK sets a high bar for other kratom vendors.


How Does Yellow Vein Sunda Compare to Other Sunda Kratom Strains

Red Sunda is best for users who are looking for a mellow strain as it offers relaxation, pain relief, and mood elevation. White Sunda is a more stimulating strain that provides a significant energy boost and improved focus. It is often used as a caffeine alternative and is best taken at the beginning of the day. Green Sunda offers the best of both red and white Sunda as it provides a balanced effect. Yellow Sunda combines the effects of both green and red Sunda. It is a mellow strain without causing excessive sedation.


How Does Yellow Sunda Compare to Other Yellow Vein Varieties

Yellow Sunda is one of the more mellow yellow vein varieties. It takes effect slowly and gradually. It is best used at the end of the day as it offers a relaxing effect without the sedative impact of red vein kratom.


Yellow Sunda Kratom FAQs

  • What Forms does Yellow Sunda Kratom Come In?

It comes in powder and capsule forms.


  • Can You Make Yellow Sunda Kratom Tea?

Yes, users can easily make yellow Sunda kratom tea using kratom powder. This can be done by adding hot water to yellow Sunda kratom powder and letting it steep for 5 to 10 minutes before straining it. This tea can be consumed plain or with added flavors such as honey, lemon, or ginger.


  • Does Yellow Vein Sunda Kratom Contain Caffeine?

No, yellow Sunda does not contain caffeine. Instead, it contains alkaloids that mimic the effects of caffeine. This is why stimulating kratom strains can be used as a caffeine alternative.


  • Is Yellow Vein Sunda Vegan?

Yes, yellow Sunda is suitable for vegans since it is a natural herbal supplement. However, when it comes in capsule forms, some kratom vendors use capsules that are made from gelatin. This is a bovine source rendering the product no longer vegan friendly.


  • Is Yellow Sunda Kratom Tested Before It Is Sold?

The testing of yellow Sunda depends on each kratom vendor. While some kratom vendor tests their products regularly, some do not. For this reason, users are encouraged to buy from reputable vendors such as New Dawn Kratom as they test their products regularly for purity and contaminants. This guarantees the best kratom user safety and experience.


  • Is Yellow Sunda Legal?

Yes, yellow vein Sunda is legal wherever kratom is legal. Kratom is legal in most US states. Some states such as California and Florida declare kratom legal but contain local counties where kratom is illegal due to the local ordinances. Examples include San Diego, California and Sarasota County, Florida. If in doubt, users can always check with a kratom vendor regarding the legality of kratom in their area.


  • Can I Mix Yellow Vein Sunda with Other Strains?

The mixing of kratom strains is generally discouraged as it can lead to tolerance issues. This can have a negative impact on user experience as well. Instead, kratom users are advised to switch or rotate the kratom strains they use to prevent tolerance from happening.


  • Are There Similar Strains to Yellow Sunda?

Yes, yellow Sunda is similar to red Sunda and green Sunda. However, red Sunda has a more sedating effect and is much more effective for pain relief while green Sunda is more stimulating.


Is Yellow Sunda Kratom Worth Trying?

Yes, yellow Sunda is a strain that is worth trying as it is a slow and mellow strain that is unlike any other yellow vein kratom variety. It is great for relaxation and mood elevation without the sedative effect making it a great choice for users with anxiety and depression. Many users have also reported that yellow vein Sunda is very effective at relieving nausea.

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